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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

  • We are not organic, but we were trained by the man who wrote the standards for OEFFA, one of the first organic certifiers in the nation. We’ve had our farm inspected by an organic certifier and were assured that we could certify our place. We decided against it since we sell locally to friends and family. We'd be more than happy to give you a farm tour!

  • We use only certified organic feed for the hogs.

  • Our cows are 100% grass fed and eat only fresh grass and high quality chemical free hay and rich pasture.

  • We compost our own manure and use it to fertilize the fields. We do not use any chemical or artificial sprays on our pasture, only compost.

  • We are aware of current organic standards and follow them voluntarily.



   1.​ What is special about your beef?

Our beef is non-GMO, no antibiotics/hormones or shots of any kind, and 100% Grass fed.

   2. Where do you get your cows?

Our cows are born and raised on the farm. They are not bought at a sale barn.

   3. Is your beef organic?

We follow organic standards and have been trained by the farmer who wrote the organic standards for the state of Ohio. We are not certified organic since we sell to friends and family.

   4. Why purchase beef in bulk?

The cost of the beef after processing and packaging is in the $5 per pound range. That is about the current price of non-organic beef in the store. You get everything, including steak, for about $5 per pound which is a great deal! 

    5. What cuts can I get?

          Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger

    6. Where do you get the cow processed and how much does it cost?

We use Winner's Meats in Osgood.  They know us well and they are attentive to the fact that we are organic and that our meat needs to be processed differently than what they normally handle. Processing costs about $1 per pound.

   7. How much does a half a cow weigh?

Live weight is about 700 lbs for the whole animal. Our beef is part Dexter which is one of the smallest cattle breeds. Hanging weight should be half that.

   8. How much freezer space do I need?

          About 6 cubic feet for half a beef.


   1. What is special about your pork? 

Our pork micro-marbles and is red, so it looks more like beef. It has intermuscular fat. Our pigs are bacon type pigs like our grandparents used to raise. The meat is very tender and juicy because of it.

    2. What breed of hogs do you have?

 We have Red Wattle and Large Black pork. This breed of pork consistently wins awards from chefs and we have heard from many customers that this is the best meat they have ever tasted.

    3. What cuts can I get?  

 Hams, Chops, Sausage, Roasts, Bacon, Lard


    4. What is the live weight for a hog?

Live weight on a hog is normally 270 pounds. You will get about half of that in meat. If you're buying half a hog you will get about 75 pounds of meat. 

     5. How much freezer space do I need?

 About 3 cubic feet. For comparison a milk crate is one cubic foot.  

     6. How do I know I get my own meat back from Winner's?

Our looks totally different than the conventional beef and pork that others raise. We have never had a problem with this.

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