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Live Weight


Hanging Weight

Next Available
 End of March 2019

Whole beef too much for your family? Get friends or extended family to go in halves with you. 

1/2 Beef = 150 lbs meat (approx.)

6 cubic ft of freezer space of meat

Example of cuts you can get with

 a half of Beef:

3 pkgs - Rib-eye Steak (1-1.5lb pkgs)

5 pkgs - Stew Meat (1.25-1.5lb pkgs)

8 pkgs - NY Strip Steak (1-1.5lb pkgs)

1 pkg  - Flank Steak (1.25lb)

3 pkgs - Beef Tenderloin (0.5-1lb pkgs)

14 pkgs - Chuck Roast (2.25-2.5lb pkgs)

53 pkgs - Ground Beef (1lb pkgs) 

Bones for healthy homemade broth and soups as well!

100% Grass fed beef for about $5/lb for steaks, roasts, and ground beef! (including processing fees)


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